How do I ship a motorcycle overseas?

Motorcycles are considered to be the most handy machinery in the world of automobiles. Additionally, they are the best possible enjoyable vehicle for most people. Nowadays, you can easily buy any kind of vehicle including bikes online. But the problem arises when you need to ship them. Whether it can be shipping across the country or states, or it might be cross country transportation, any kind of shipment needs proper planning and management.

Though, among all the other automobiles, motorcycles are the most cheapest and easiest vehicle to ship, either from one region to another or overseas, yet there are some additional look outs that must be involved to make the process smooth and simple.

In this article, we will elaborate the options and few guidelines for an uninterrupted transportation of your buddy-gear to another country and also provide you some tips for paying smart while planning to hire a shipper.

Let’s focus:


Transporting motorcycles cross country is far more complicated than shipping them within the country. There are two main options for overseas motorcycle transportation. Former one is port to port transport and the later one is door to door transport service. These two options include three prior steps to ensure a successful shipment. Those three steps are:

  1. Shipping the motorcycle to the transportation port from its current location


  1. Loading the bike to the transport vehicle or trailer or ship and it’s insured arrival to the destination port


  1. Transport the motorcycle from the port to its owner’s place

Port to port transport

When you choose port to port transport service to ship your motorcycle overseas, you need to take your motorcycle to the shipping port in order to hand over it to your hired transport service. Later on, after the arrival of your bike to the destination port, you will have to receive it from the shipper and take it to your home.

Door to door transport

In case of door to door transport, the transporter picks your bike from your house or your stated location and takes it to the nearest shipping port. After it reaches your provided port, the shipper will deliver your bike to your doorstep. Additionally, this shipping option is more expensive than port to port transport as shippers take the whole responsibility and also eliminates loads of your headache!!

International Motorcycle Transport Procedures

Besides the former stated transport methods, there are few more shipping processes by which motorcycles can be transferred overseas. Such as:

  • Roll on/Roll off or RoRo shipping

RoRo shipping is the most common and affordable transportation method for any vehicle including motorcycles. In this process bikes are strapped down to the transport ship’s storage. During loading the shipper makes the motorcycle fit in the ship’s cargo area and after reaching to the destination unloading it by the same. The loading process is known as “rolling on” and the unloading process is called “rolling off” and the entire process is referred to as “RoRo” transportation.

  • Container Transport

Container shipping will be the smart move when you want to transport more than one motorcycle at the same time. Moreover, you can also ship some more personal things along with your bike if you book a containerised shipping service. Container shipping is known as the most secured method of bike shipping. In this process multiple bikes are stored into the container by crating those in the wooden racks or R-racks system with special tie down mechanism.

  • Air Shipping

Air transport is more like RoRo shipping as only transport is changed in this process. But this process is costlier than real RoRo shipping. Additionally, there are few more inclusive regulations and policies for air transportation of bikes.

  • Crated Transport

Crated shipping process is similar to containerised shipping to some extent. Advanced container transport allows multiple bikes into a single large container, whereas in crated shipping crates are typically customized to ship one or two bikes at the same time. Crates are generally made of woods, plastics or any other materials.


The shipping cost depends on the type of motorcycle, it’s weight, destination distance and hired transportation method. There might be some more additional charges for insurance policies and extra requested services. For ground transportation the price helds between $275 to $1025 max. And for ocean shipping the price differs between $365 to $650 along with extra charges.


There are some important documents that must be needed for cross country motorcycle transportation. Such as:

  1. Sale’s receipt
  2. Copy of owner’s passport
  3. Sale’s certification
  4. Copy of Transport vehicle driver’s license
  5. Letter of Permission from Lien Holder ( in case the bike is on lease)
  6. Motorcycle’s insurance copy
  7. Pollution papers etc.