Overview of Rio MP3 People

Below you will find some of use information and remarks about a few of typically the most popular MP3 people by Rio, including the Nitrus, Carbon, Cali, and Forge. None of those MP3 people are ideal, but each supplies a special pair of strengths and flaws that needs to be taken under consideration before you acquire any certainly one of them. Make sure to compare cost, functionality, and the entire efficiency of each mp3juice.

Rio Carbon 5 GB MP3 Person

Makers Information: The Rio Carbon is capable of keeping as much as 80 hours of MP3 (160 hours WMA) music, and with as much as 20 hours of battery living about the same charge, music fans will not need to be worried about running out of juice.

Sporting an ultrathin and tapered style and with 25 percent more memory than iPod Little, that small MP3 player–about how big is a company card–will slide into any wallet, almost unnoticeable. The Rio Carbon is capable of keeping as much as 80 hours of MP3 music (160 hours of WMA), and with as much as 20 hours of battery living about the same charge, music fans will not need to be worried about running out of juice. Supporting USB 2.0 and a number of record models, people can get music efficiently and quickly from nearly all of a common online music sites. The Rio Carbon also incorporates voice recording and offers easy integration and support of the Windows and Macintosh platforms.


– 5 GB of memory stores as much as 80 hours of MP3 music or 160 hours of WMA music

– Plays MP3, WMA, and Audible music models

– Integrated mike for voice recording

– Quickly move and decline knowledge and music files on your player

– Regular battery offers as much as 20 hours of battery living about the same charge

– USB 2.0 for quicker packages

– Charge from USB or the included energy adapter

– Windows and Macintosh suitable

– Contains Rio Music Supervisor, probably the most spontaneous way to generate and handle your digital music library

Comments: Consumers often agree totally that that is one of the best mp3 people Rio has developed. It’s really really little and trim, and can in fact fit in your pockets. 5GB of memory really does not appear to be all very much any longer, but I believe most new user will find that that is enough of space. The extended battery is great (20 in contrast to iPod’s 12), and the software is easy enough to function with. One little dissapointment is the inability to hit any buttons on the device if it is in its holding case. Also, it will involve some compatibility difficulties with Macintosh music applications like iTunes. If you actually enjoy Macintosh, you may want to think about iPod or Shuffle alternatively (this moves for several Rio products).

Cost: $230

Rio Cali 128 MB Game MP3 Person

Makers Information: Covered in grippy, protective plastic, the Cali 128 is built to enjoy hard. Solid-state technology bring around 30 tracks without any skips — ever. Comfortable Game Cut headphones, case with armband, and incorporated stopwatch with lap timer make the Cali a practical game accessory. 5-band adjustable equalizer allows more get a handle on around your sound than most players. Onboard FM receiver suggests you always have anything to listen to. A clear growth position enables you to soon add up to 512 MB of additional SDTM or MMCTM memory. Simple selections and spontaneous regulates make for easy one-handed operation.


– 128 MB of memory represents back around 2 hours of MP3 or 4 hours of WMA music (over 30 MP3 or 60 WMA songs)*

– Growth position to soon add up to 512 MB additional memory using SD or MMC cards (sold separately)

– USB 1.1 connects to just about any pc

– Move material between numerous PCs

– 18-hour continuous play using one Energizer AAA Battery

– 5-Band adjustable equalizer with pre-sets

Comments: Anyone considering getting this product must know about some strange useful problems that could be frustrating. To begin with, when adjusting memory cards, several people have had to truly remove the batteries in order to get the device to acknowledge the newest storage device (another observe: some people have had problems finding the device to accept 3rd party memory cards). Also, it would appear that the player might not be able to enjoy normal mp3 models you may have on your computer difficult drive. Rio admits why these mp3 files have to be modified through their very own pc software in order to allow them to work. These, and different strange quirks, undermine this kind of player a serious bit. On the good area, the device has good battery living, represents obvious, fresh music, and includes a good radio function as well.

Cost: $120

Rio Forge 512 MB Game MP3 Person

Makers Information: The Rio Forge collection is our latest generation of flash centered game players. The Rio Forge was designed for people who want to enjoy difficult and use music to enjoy even harder. The brand new style integrates the grippy, protective plastic from past designs with a brand new glistening metal experience dish for added durability. Up to 20 hours of battery living allows you hours of non-stop workout time. Comfortable Game Cut headphones and a recently made case with armband keep your player and music secure and accessible. Simple selections and spontaneous regulates make for easy one-handed operation. Stop watch and Panel Timer make the Rio Forge the best gym or running companion. Plus, the newest FM history function enables you to history radio material on your player to be controlled by at a later time.


– Supports 16 hours value of Music

– Storage volume might be upgraded as much as 1 GB

– Durable Stainless Steel Experience

– 512 MB of storage

– Stop watch function for work-outs

– Up to 20 hours of battery living

Comments: That latest generation of game mp3 people by Rio is possibly the most readily useful so far. What we really liked about this product could be the simple to use and spontaneous interface and obvious LCD screen. The one downside could be the 512mb top restrict in storage (although technically you can upgrade to 1GB), which is really a little minimal in contrast to industry average. Nevertheless, the functions just like the FM receiver and stop watch get this a really great little game mp3 player. It’s about as durable and user-friendly as they come, in addition to the battery living is pleasant for anyone extended work-outs. Thumbs on that one.